Links to Helpful Tools

Howdy folks. JB/Soylent here. It seems we can't enjoy a forums feature unless we pay into the system on a monthly basis. Huh. Anyway, I wanted to post some links here to the player cards and the character generator that Jim/Panu and I were using. Enjoy.

Power Cards

Scroll down and find your class on the right. I recommend downloading the jpeg version and dragging individual powers into a word processor or whatnot so you can print out only the cards you need at the time. Or you could take the pdf of your class's entire power card collection to Costco and have them print it out on the cheap. Whatever works.

Character Generator

This might take a while to load so be patient. Take your time stepping through. Look for the arrows indicating what to do next. You might want to wait for me to demo it with you at the next session. The interface can be kind of confusing / intimidating at first.



Links to Helpful Tools

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