Bizarre Love Triangle

And so it Begins (er, Continues (For Some))
Session 2 for 3 of us, Session 1 for 2 of us

And So It Begins

As told by Soylent, Wilden Druid

You probably have never met anyone like Us. We were created by the raw anger of Nature and sprouted directly from her rich, soily womb. We are an instrument of her vengeance. She named Us "Soylent." You might describe Us as a plant in humanoid form. Our skin is young, supple bark, and Our eyes are the color of Spring. We refer to Ourselves in the plural because We acknowledge the fact that We are merely one leafy expression of a vast network of living consciousness. We do not mind that you refer to yourself in the singular (though We do find it a trifle sad). We would find it displeasing if you disapproved of Our habit of refering to Ourselves in the plural.

This is a brief recounting of the events that surrounded the beginnings of Our journey as a member of a young adventuring party. We had always assumed that We would work alone, but We also know that Nature is best served through the positive interaction of her life-forms. It is only through diversity that the full web of life can be spun and appreciated. So We are always happy to accept companionship on this road of vengeance.

Our first travelling companion was a Gnome Ardent named Panu. He is only half Our height, but We learned early on that he is not to be taken lightly. He harnesses titanic emotional energies within his diminutive form to enhance his already formidable martial prowess. The story of our meeting belongs to another tale. The important thing to know now is that we had set up camp outside of a town known as Winterhaven, which sits on the edge of a forested region that was recently clear-cut. This violation is what brought us to the area. Someone needed to be taught a lesson in respect for the natural world.

We were minding the camp while Panu ventured into town for provisions. We tend to allow the gregarious Panu to handle all business dealings with the denizens of larger municipalities. You could say that We are more comfortable in places where industrialization is least noticeable. At any rate, while We were setting up camp, We heard sounds of conflict ringing from the nearby road to town. We decided to check it out.

Staying out of sight, We crept through the bushes to the road-side and observed a trio of fae-kind engaged in a skirmish with some kobolds. Somehow We were certain the kobolds had something to do with the clear-cutting of the area, and We wanted revenge.

We were about to launch Ourselves into the fray when to Our left We spied Panu walking back from his trip into town. He was carrying sausage links and whistling a tune. We shook our head and then decided the fastest way to alert Panuto engage was to start fighting. We knew that when he saw Us in battle, he would join in. He's impetuous and spirited that way, powered always by his emotions.

So that is what We did. Running toward the enemy, We called on our druidic powers and transformed into a cloud of hornets and swarmed the kobolds. The Eladrin, Elf and Half-elf folk We joined in battle looked surprised and confused by this strange development, ignorant as they were of Our peculiar abilities. But they pressed on, having no time, during the heat of battle, to ponder further the strange cloud of helpful insects.

The Eladrin turned out to be a Wizard. His magic missles spiked into kobold flesh repeatedly, some zinging through Our hornet-swarm body. The Half-elf was a Paladin clad in plate armor. We could hear her calling on the vengeance of her god Kord as she cleft her foes in twain with her sword. The final new ally was an Elf Ranger who rained multiple arrows at once down on our opponents. The first kills were his. We must say that We were impressed by his skill, if not surprised. We are newly sprouted into the world, but even We know of the elf-kind's prowess with bow and arrow.

Panu had to run some distance before he could finally wield his emotion-tinged psionics and blade. He is known as an Ardent, and his mere presence increased our awareness in battle. Perhaps his arrival came as some surprise to the remaining few kobolds, for he was able to finish one of them off in a particularly spectacular fashion, running up the creature's dragon-scale shield and plunging his sword into the thing's neck. Death-blow. I watched with my thousand swarming hornet eyes as the sorry kobold fell to the ground. Panu landed on the corpse of his vanquished foe, his body glowing red with excited psionic energy.

Soon the enemies were dead and we introduced ourselves to each other over their fresh carcasses. The half-elf paladin is Bellatrix. The elf ranger, Sigurd Whitebark. The Eladrin Wizard, Sean Connery. After some conversation, We came to learn that the three were on a quest to root out the presence of an evil cult that was terrorizing the area. They invited us to join them, and we agreed. It doesn't take much to convince the free-wheeling Panu to pick up a quest, and We were still seeking vengeance for the abuse of the land.

So we set off in the direction of the next town, where more clues were to be had as to the whereabouts of this Cult. Eventually we learned that something was amiss in the vacinity of a local waterfall. The newly formed adventuring party stayed the night in town (although We slept in the surrounding wilderness), and sallied forth in the morning, heading for the waterfall.

On the way, we were ambushed by another group of Kobolds. All were taken by surprise except for Us, for We have a special awareness of Our surroundings in the wilderness. Thus, as the kobold cowards commenced their surprise attack, We were able to transform into a wave of fire ants and engage the enemy immediately. Panu was especially hard hit by the first attack, but his gnomish ability to turn invisible when stricken kicked in, saving him from further abuse. We tried to buy Our newfound friends time to gather their wits by surrounding the enemy in Our fire-ant-swarm body, and it seemed to work, for the kobolds were distracted and eventually Our compatriots were launching full force into the fracas.

Sean Connery, the Wizard, shot a crackling orb of pure magical force into the gathered kobolds as they itched at my ants. The orb smashed into one of them and exploded in shards of lethal arcane energy, harming the other wretched creatures. Bellatrix called on Kord for strength and pressed into the kobold mass, sword swinging. Arrows from Sigurd Whitebark's bow shot expertly into the foreheads of our foes. Panu reappared and glowed hot with passionate combat fury, slicing into thighs and kneecaps and inspiring us with his psionic presence. Soon, the kobold raiding party was nothing but corpses, but the victory was costly. We had taken some heavy damage, and decided to rest, allowing Panu and Bellatrix to heal us with their powers.

To be continued…


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